Talented Tenth: Ronald McCullough Is A Future Astronaut Who Will Graduate Clark Atlanta University At 19-Years-Old

Ronald McCullough, Jr.

When you ask little boys what they want to be when they grow up, they might say anything from a pro ball player to the president of the United States. After all, anything is possible. You see, 19-year old Ronald McCullough is on the fast-track to making his dreams come true as he prepares to graduate early from Clark-Atlanta University on May 22.

His aspirations for the future are more than just a childhood whim. McCullough has always been an overachiever. He skipped the second grade and later went on to graduate from Maynard Jackson High School. The scholar entered college at age 16 and will graduate with honors holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. McCullough’s academic performance garnered him membership in Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society.

Clark Atlanta University Logo

The young man credits his achievements to high standards and an environment where has been able to thrive. “I would not consider myself a genius,” McCullough told Fox 5 News. “I was placed in a setting for my love of learning to manifest. Much was expected of me and there was little room for disappointment.”

McCullough set his sights on becoming an astronaut. While he’s been aggressively recruited by several graduate schools, he plans to enroll in North Carolina A&T State University’s biological and agricultural engineering program.

This level of accomplishment takes drive, ambition, and vision. Most teens McCullough’s age have maybe just completed their freshman years in college. But the future graduate knows what he wants to do with his life and is taking the steps to achieve his goals. He says that his success just stems from living right. “I just wake up in the morning and do the right thing. Just by doing what I believe is the right thing for my future, I’ve been rewarded greatly,” Fox News 5 reported.


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