Keyshia Cole Signs with Epic Records

Keyshia Cole took to Instagram to announced that she’s officially a part of the Epic Records family.

Signed my first deal at the age of 21, released my first album June, 2005 second album, Sept, 25 2007 then my third just a year later Dec,16 2008! After that, I’ve released a album EVERY 2 years consistently 2010, 2012, and 2014 being the last album released Under my then, and forever IGA FamBam!!!! ?? Well 2016 is about to be over, ???? AND IM PAST MY INTERNAL DEADLINE!!! I’m extremely anxious, and Extremely proud of My work, And ????% prepared for the world to hear this NEW project. I haven’t worked so hard on a album since back when I had that hunger, since this music thing was all I had. When it was the only way out! ??????????????????????? I take Pride in saying I’m NOW APART OF THE EPIC FAMILY!!! And a GOAL that my EPIC fam and I mutually share is to take this Passion (I CANT BE WITHOUT) to new heights! God I would love a Grammy to take a look at, as a representation of what these last 4 (365) days have been like for me, ????????????something meaningful, yet tangible. It would be the first accolade received ???? ???????????????????????????????? God Has been so good, every time I find myself looking around for someone to turn to, he’s always there to Provide the answers I need. When you believe, You can achieve, look within to find all the answers you need. #EpicAlbum7#7isABlessin #7 #Album7 #LAReid#SylviaRhone #DougMorris #JeffRobersonare now #MyHeavyHitters Sucka???????? ???????? ILOVE YOU GUYS, THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS JOURNEY WITH ME????


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