OH LAWD!!! Sonja Norwood Adds Her Two Cents in Brandy and Monica’s Godmother Beef



If you’ve been keeping up, you know Brandy and Monica are beefing over who the late Whitney Houston considered to be a goddaughter.

This is very PETTY!!

During an episode of OWN’s ‘Where Are They Now?’ Monica shared a personal story about her relationship with Whitney and referred to her as a ‘fairy godmother.’

Brandy wasn’t really feeling that — because she says Whitney was HER fairy godmother.

In response, Brandy posted a shady photo in remembrance of Whitney — accusing ‘someone’ of wanting the relationship that they had.

Check out Brandy’s Instagram post HERE

To put it all into context, Brandy’s Instagram photo and caption came the day after her shady Soul Train Awards performance aired in which she took a shot at Monica and their ongoing feud.

We thought that Monica’s classy response was enough to put this all to rest (for now), but now Brandy’s mother has stepped in to add her commentary.


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-49-35-pmBrandy and her mama need to stop!


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