Beyoncé Will Reportedly Join Jay Z in Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio on Friday


It has already been announced that Jay Z will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton on Friday, but according to CBS Beyoncé WILL be with him….YAAAAASSSS!!!!

Clinton will be joined by the music superstars at a rally at Cleveland State University heading into the final weekend before Election Day. The Clinton campaign is making an aggressive push to urge Ohioans to vote early.

The concert is aimed at millennials and African-American voters in the Democratic stronghold of Cuyahoga County, where Clinton needs big margins on election night to defeat Donald Trump, who is leading the polls in Ohio.

The music megastars are among several acts — including Katy Perry, The National and John Legend — helping Clinton make a final appeal to young voters.

I  was waiting for this announcement!  We have seen how much The Carter’s follow politics, and with the stakes so high in this election I knew they had to get involved.

Thank you Jay-Z and Beyonce!


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