LeBron Reportedly Told Tristan Thompson To Keep Khloe Kardashian Away From Cavs


Khloe Kardashian is making her way around the NBA, leaving destroyed teams and shells of men in her wake. LeBron seems to be in tune with this particular issue….all this after Khloe “posed” with Tristan’s NBA championship ring.


According to Hollywood Life, LeBron isn’t happy about the fact that Tristan is dating a Kardashian, having seen what it has done to the likes of the previous men that have been linked to the famous sisters. If there’s one thing that the Cavaliers don’t need right now, it would be an easy distraction, and Khloe Kardashian is definitely one of them, Lebron has allegedly stressed this to the rest of his team.

Read more: http://kmel.iheart.com/articles/trending-104650/lebron-reportedly-told-tristan-thompson-to-15249732/#ixzz4OhRvov7u


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