Raven-Symone Announces She’s Leaving ‘The View’




Actress Raven-Symone announced after less than two short seasons, she is leaving ABC’s daytime talk show ‘The View,’ according to E! news.

During Thursday’s episode of the show, Raven revealed she was exiting her post at the table for another venture.

“I’m excited and sad, but mostly excited. I have an announcement to make: No, I’m not pregnant,” she joked.

The host explained she’s working on a Disney Channel remix of ‘That’s So Raven.’

 “There’s no title yet, but I’m calling it That’s So Raven 2. It’s Raven Baxter. It’s still me. But I am a mother this time. I’m going to be a single mother raising two kids, and one of them learns that she has visions.”

Raven’s time at ‘The View’ was cluttered with controversy, from her comments about the Spring Valley Assault case, where she claimed the student who was thrown to the ground by a security guard was also in the wrong, to her tone-deaf statements about name discrimination.

Congratulation to Raven, but I am happy to see her leave The View!


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