Jay Z Put In A Bid To Purchase Prince’s Vault Recordings


Even though the reports are that Prince‘s vault will not be up for sale, sources are claiming that bids have already come in for the purchase the music.  In the wake of The Purple One’s death, his vault was almost immediately cracked open for appraisal, which isn’t surprising. A good chunk (10-15%) of the estate’s estimated value (roughly $300 million) is/was stashed behind that steel bank door. But now TMZ is reporting that Jay Z, one of the only men on the planet that was ever entrusted with Prince’s unreleased music in life and in death, has put in a bid of $40 million to acquire the vault recordings and add them to the massive stockpile of purple jewels that are exclusive to TIDAL for streaming.

TMZ has actually done some quality reporting on Prince, dating back well before his death. They claim that Hov flew Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, out to NYC to discuss the terms, but the sale could only be finalized once P’s other half-siblings had approved it. Suppose there’s no telling which way is up when it come to the estate these days, but there are some official and tangible bits to mend your broken purple heart: Paisley Park is officially up and running as a museum and some unreleased music is on its way in the form of a new greatest hits compilation. Hold tight for more transmissions from the Prince estate in the weeks and months to come.

We will keep you updated on this…



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